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The structural basis for MCM2-7 helicase activation by GINS and Cdc45.  Costa A, Ilves I, Tamberg N, Petojevic T, Nogales E, Botchan MR, Berger JM. Nat Struct Mol Biol, 18(4):471-7, 2011.

A novel and unified two-metal mechanism for DNA cleavage by type II and IA topoisomerases.

Schmidt BH, Burgin AB, Deweese JE, Osheroff N, Berger JM. Nature. 2010, 465:641-4

Origin remodeling and opening in bacteria relies on distinct assembly states of the DnaA initiator.

Duderstadt KE, Mott ML, Crisona NJ, Chuang K, Yang H, Berger JM. J Biol Chem. 285:28229-39, 2010.


Structural and mechanistic biochemistry of protein/nucleic acid machines and assemblies

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